Guidelines for administration of the examination and awarding of the prizes

Objectives: The competition will provide pre-college students with an opportunity to test their mathematical skills on a varied collection of problems. High-scoring students will be recognized for their accomplishments with certificates, prizes, and scholarship opportunity.

Eligibility and announcements: The contest is open to any student in the state of Maryland or in the District of Columbia who has not received a high school diploma and who either has not reached the age of 19 as of the date of the contest or is regularly enrolled in a high school. Contest questions will often presuppose that the student has basic knowledge in trigonometry, probability, analytic geometry, solid geometry, and/or other subjects at the pre-calculus level. The announcements will go to Maryland schools serving students who are apt to have knowledge in some of these areas. It is intended that announcements will be sent to all public and private schools in Maryland that offer classes at the twelfth grade level. There is no lower grade limit for eligibility, but the mathematics department will not undertake to publicize the contest at lower levels except in unusual circumstances. We will work with the superintendent of the District of Columbia to determine the publicity to be given within the District school system.

Form of the examination: The examination will be given in two parts. The first part will be a multiple-choice examination. Those who score well on the first part will be invited to take the second part. The examination committee will set the criterion for admission to the second part, keeping in mind that the second part will be considerably more difficult than the first part. The second part of the examination will consist of a number of problems that require a written solution of some length. These solutions will be evaluated for full or partial credit. The scores from the two parts will be combined to provide a ranking of the contestants. Note: Currently the scores from the two parts are given equal weighting. This method of combining scores might be changed in the future.