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Fall 00 Schedule of the Numerical Analysis Seminar

August 24: A phase transition problem related to steel production
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Baensch (Zentrum für Technomathematik, Universität Bremen, Germany)
August 31: Microstructural evolution in anisotropic elastic media
Prof. Qing Nie (Department of Mathematics, University of California at Irvine)
September 7: Singular structures in fluids, plasmas and nonlinear optics (Applied Math Colloquium, 3:30 pm)
Dr. Rainer Grauer (Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Düsseldorf, Germany)
September 14: Magnetic susceptibility artifacts in MRI
Prof. Gabriel Caloz (University of Rennes 1)
September 21: A Phase-Field Model of Convection with Solidification
Prof. Dan Anderson (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, George Mason University)
September 28: Some New Developments on Projection Methods for Incompressible Flows
Prof. Jie Shen (Department of Mathematics, Penn State University)
October 5: Energy and Helicity Preserving Schemes for Hydrodynamic and Magnetohydrodynamic Flows with Coordinate Symmetry
Prof. Jian-Guo Liu (Dept. of Mathematics, UMCP)
October 12: n-widths and a singularly perturbed convection diffusion problem
Prof. R. Bruce Kellogg (Dept. of Mathematics, UMCP)
October 19: Solving Einstein's Equations on the Grid: Using Supercomputers to Collapse Gravitational Waves, Collide Black Holes (Applied Math Colloquium, 3:30pm)
Ed Seidel
November 2: Microlocal measures and their use in partial differential equations (Applied Math Colloquium, 3:30pm)
Luc Tartar (Carnegie-Mellon University)
November 9: Error Analysis of a Meshfree Method
Prof. Weimin Han (Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa)
November 15: High Resolution Methods with Unresolved Small Scales (PDE/Applied Math Seminar, 2:00pm)
Prof. Eitan Tadmor (Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics, Dept. of Mathematics, UCLA)
November 16: Convection in dendritic layers of a solidifying alloy
Tim Schulze (Department of Mathematics, University of Tennessee)
November 23: Thanksgiving - no talk
November 30: Insoluble Surfactant Models for a Vertical Draining Free Film
Richard Braun (Dept. of Math., University of Delaware)
December 7: Current Induced Step Dynamics and Pattern Formation on Crystal Surfaces (Applied Math Colloquium, 3:30pm)
John Weeks (UMCP)
December 7: A convergent adaptive finite element method for the Stokes equations. Can adaptivity compensate for the absence of the inf-sup condition?
Pedro Morin (Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina) and University of Maryland, College Park)