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Fall 04 Schedule of the Numerical Analysis Seminar

September 7: Estimators for supervised learning
Prof. Ronald DeVore (CSCAMM and Department of Mathematics), University of Maryland, College Park
September 14: Convergence of adaptive FEM for second-order linear elliptic PDE
Khamron Meckhay (Department of Mathematics), University of Maryland, College Park,
September 21: An infeasible point method for solving a class of multidimensional scaling problems
Dr. Anthony J. Kearsley (Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division), NIST,
September 28: Convergence rates for an adaptive dual weighted residual finite element algorithm
Dr. Raul Tempone (ICES), University of Texas at Austin,
October 5: Convergent adaptive finite elements for the elliptic obstacle problem
Prof. Andreas Veeser (Dipartimento di Matematica), Universita degli Studi di Milano , Italy,
October 12: Twenty examples of entropy stable schemes
Prof. Eitan Tadmor (CSCAMM, Dapatment of Mathematics, and IPST), University of Maryland,
October 19: Computing the Linear Elastic Properties of Random Materials This seminar will begin at 3:00pm.
Dr. Edward J. Garboczi (Materials and Construction Research Division), National Institute of Standards and Technology
October 26: Results and Challenges in Control of Micro Fluidic Systems
Prof. Benjamin Shapiro (Aerospace Engineering), University of Maryland,
November 2: Adaptive multiscale methods for transport equations - theory and algorithms
Prof. Albert Cohen (Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions), Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris,
November 9: The Linear Algebra of Quantum Computing
Prof. Dianne P. O'Leary (Computer Science Department and UMIACS), University of Maryland,
November 16: Efficient and stable numerical methods for the generalized and vector Zakharov system Joint seminar MATH/CSCAMM
Prof. Weizhu Bao (Department of Computational Science), National University of Singapore, Singapore,
November 18: Non-linear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems Related to Corrosion Modeling This Talk is on Thursday in the Joint Numeriical Analysis--Applied Math/PDE Seminar
Professor Michael Vogelius (Department of Mathematics), Rutgers University,
November 19: Electromagnetic Imaging for Small Inhomogeneities This lecture is on Friday and is the Fall '04 Aziz lecture
Professor Michael Vogelius (Department of Mathematics), Rutgers University,
November 23: TBA There is no seminar on this day.
November 30: Optimal Anisotropic Error Estimates and Applications to Convection Dominated Problems
Long Chen (Department of Mathematics, Penn State University),