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Numerical Analysis Seminar, University of Maryland, College Park

Fall 09 Schedule of the Numerical Analysis Seminar

September 22: Conservative high order semi-Lagrangian WENO method for the Vlasov equation Special time: 2-2:40pm. Special room: CSCAMM Seminar Room. This talk is part of the kinetic FRG meeting at CSCAMM
Jing-Mei Qiu (Colorado School of Mines)
September 29: Preconditioning Stochastic Galerkin Saddle Point Systems
Elisabeth Ullmann (University of Freiberg, Germany and UMCP)
October 13: Variational Multiscale Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics Aziz Lecturer
Tom Hughes (University of Texas, Austin),
October 20: Numerical Challenges for Direct and Large-Eddy Simulations of Highly Compressible Turbulence
Pino Martin (Aerospace Engineering and UMIACS, UMCP)
October 27: Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Convection-Reaction-Diffusion systems with Transmission Conditions
Emmanuil H. Georgoulis (Department of Mathematics, University of Leicester, UK)
October 28: Chemotaxis and Numerical Methods for Chemotaxis Models Special Seminar: note day and time (4PM)
Yekaterina Epshteyn (Carnegie Mellon University)
November 3: Numerical Approximation of the Time-Harmonic Maxwell System: Rehabilitation of the Lagrange Finite Elements
Andrea Bonito (Texas A&M)
November 10: Numerical Methods for Large-Scale Ill-Posed Inverse Problems
Julianne Chung (UMCP)
November 16: A seamless multiscale method and its application to complex fluids Note Special Day and Time (3pm)
Weiqin Ren (Courant Institute, NYU)
November 23: The MaxFlux Functional: Derivation, Numerics, and Application to LJ-38 Note Special Day and Time (12-1pm)
Maria Cameron (Courant Institute, NYU)
November 24: Analysis and Simulation of Bose-Einstein Condensation & Quadrature-rule Type Approximations to the Quasicontinuum Method
Yanzhi Zhang (Florida State University)
December 1: Solving the outer boundary problem using hyperboloidal compactification
Anil Zenginoglu (CSCAMM, UMCP)
December 8: TBA
Robert van de Geijn (UT Austin)