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Numerical Analysis Seminar Fall 2011, University of Maryland, College Park

Numerical Analysis Seminar
Talks Fall 2011

September 6: A Diffuse Interface Model For Electrowetting
Dr. Abner Salgado (Dept. of Math., University of Maryland, College Park)
September 13: Developing Nonlinear Models for Aeroservoelastic Behavior of Large-scale Horizontal-axis Wind Turbines
Prof. Sergio Preidikman (Universidad Nacional de Crdoba and Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientficas y Tcnicas (CONICET), Argentina)
September 20: Comparison of hp-Adaptive Finite Element Strategies
Dr. William F. Mitchell (NIST)
September 27: No Seminar
October 4: Multigrid preconditioners for linear systems arising in PDE constrained optimization
Prof.Andrei Draganescu (Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, UMBC)
October 11: Effective a posteriori error estimators for low order finite elements
Dr. Qifeng Liao (Computer Science Department), UMCP
October 18: Fast reconstruction methods for diffuse imaging with many sources
Dr. Gunay Dogan (NIST)
October 25: A Fluid-Structure Interaction Model to Simulate Mitral Valve Regurgitant Flow
Prof. Annalisa Quaini (Department of Mathematics ), University of Houston
November 08: Flexible Stochastic Collocation Algorithm on Arbitrary Nodes
Prof. Dongbin Xiu (Department of Mathematics), Purdue University,
November 15: Sorting in Space
Hanan Samet (Department of Computer Science), University of Maryland
November 22: TBA
No Seminar: Thanksgiving Week
November 29: Exploring the corner: numerical relativity near space-like infinity Joint NA-GTR Seminar
Prof. Jorg Frauendiener (Mathematics and Statistics Department), University of Otago, New Zealand,
December 01: Using Divergent Elements to Precondition Convergent Elements Applied Math Colloquium
Prof. Jinchao Xu (Department of Mathematics), Penn State Univ.
December 02: Optimal and Practical Algebraic Solvers for Discretized PDEs Aziz Lecture
Prof. Jinchao Xu (Department of Mathematics), Penn State Univ.
December 06: Unexplored Territory in some Nonstandard Parabolic Equations and their Application Joint NA - NWC Seminar
Alfred S. Carasso (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
December 13: Multilevel, Sparse Tensor and Adaptive Discretizations of Random Elliptic PDE
Dr. Claude J. Gittelson (Department of Mathematics), Purdue University