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Fall 1998 schedule of Numerical Analysis Seminar

September 8: Numerical methods for the instationary Navier-Stokes equations with a free capillary surface Special Time and Room! (moved from Thursday Sept. 10)
Eberhard Bnsch (Zentrum fr Technomathematik, Universitt Bremen, Germany),
September 10: no talk
September 17: FEM for a viscoelastic rod model
Thomas I. Seidman (Dept. of Math and Stat., University of Maryland Baltimore County),
September 24: Calcium in Tight Spaces
Arthur Sherman (Mathematical Research Branch of the National Institute of Diabetes,Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the National Institutes of Health),
October 1: The Rollon Rolloff Vehicle Routing Problem
Lawrence Bodin (R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland at College Park),
October 8: Can a Finite Element Method Perform Arbitrarily Badly?
John Osborn (Dept. of Mathematics, University of Maryland at College Park),
October 15: Error control of nonlinear evolution equations
Ricardo Nochetto (Dept. of Mathematics, University of Maryland at College Park),
October 22: Numerical methods for multiscale transport problems
Shi Jin (School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology),
October 29: Discrete Shock Profiles for MUSCL Schemes
Haitao Fan (Georgetown University)
November 5: Mixed finite elements for Maxwell's eigenproblem: the question of spurious modes
Daniele Boffi (University of Pavia, Italy),
November 12: Recent Developements in Finite Difference Methodology
Mark H. Carpenter (NASA Langley Research Center)
November 19: Models for Film Growth and Methods for Model Reduction
P. S. Krishnaprasad (Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Inst. for Systems Research, UMCP)
November 26: Thanksgiving - no talk
December 03: Vortex Method Simulation of Turbulent Flow
Peter S. Bernard (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park),
December 10: Monte Carlo Simulations of Phase Transitions in Complex Fluids
A.Z. Panagiotopoulos (Institute for Physical Science and Technology and Department of Chemical Engineering,University of Maryland, College Park ),