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Spring 06 Schedule of the Numerical Analysis Seminar

January 31: Boundary Value Problems with Distributional Data and their Numerical Approximation
Professor Victor Nistor (Department of Mathematics, Penn State University),
February 2: Optimal Bounds on Coarsening Rates: an Energy Landscape Argument
Professor Felix Otto (Institute for Applied Mathematics , University of Bonn , Germany)
February 3: Multiscale Analysis in Micromagnetics This is the Aziz Lecture, and will begin at 3:00.
Professor Felix Otto (Institute for Applied Mathematics, University of Bonn ,Germany)
February 7: TBA The seminar will not meet on this date.
February 14: Robust Iterative Solvers for the Navier-Stokes Equations
Prof. Michele Benzi (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University),
February 21: Maximum Norm Estimates in the Finite Element Method Allowing Highly Refined Grids
Professor Al Schatz (Department of Mathematics, Cornell University),
February 28: On the Solution of Complex Flow and Transport Processes
Professor Beatrice Riviere (Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburg),
March 7: Solving Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems in Electronic Structure Calculations
Profesor Yousef Saad (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota)
March 14: Superconvergence & Recovery in the Generalized Finite Element Method
Professor Uday Banerjee (Department of Mathematics, Syracuse University),
March 21: TBA The seminar will not meet on this date (Spring Break).
March 28: Enforcing Nonnegativity for Ill-Posed Problems in Image Processing
Professor James Nagy (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University)
April 4: Fast Solvers for C0 Interior Penalty Methods
Professor Susanne Brenner (Department of Mathematics, University of South Carolina),
April 11: A Domain Decomposition Solver for a Parallel Adaptive Meshing Paradigm
Professor Randolph Bank (Department of Mathematics, UCSD)
April 20: Derivation of Particle, String and Membrane Motions from Born-Infeld Electromagnetism Aziz seminar
Profesor Yann Brenier (Laboratoire Dieudonne, Nice, France)
April 21: String Integration of Some MHD Equations The Aziz Lecture.
Professor Yann Brenier (Laboratoire Dieudonne, Nice, France)
April 25: Robust Iterative Methods for Nearly Singular, Indefinite and H(curl)/H(div) Systems
Professor Jinchao Xu (Department of Mathematics , Penn State University),
May 2: Discrete Dynamical Systems and Iterative Eigensolvers
Dr. Rich Lehoucq (Computational MathematicasAlgorithms Department, Sandia National Laboratories),
May 9: An Adaptive Method for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
Profesor Bernardo Cockburn (School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota),