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Colloquium Seminar Schedule

Colloquium Seminar Schedule

Location: Math 3206 -- Tea at 2:45 in 3201
Time: 3:15
Day: Wednesday (with occasional talks Friday)
Organizer: Giovanni Forni, Harry Tamvakis, Konstantina Trivisa

Current Schedule

September 14: Wonderful compactifications of groups as moduli spaces of principal bundles
Michael Thaddeus (Columbia University),
September 28: An introduction to essential dimension
Patrick Brosnan (University of Maryland),
October 21: Rigidity of group actions, cohomology and compactness
David Fisher (Indiana University, Bloomington),
October 28: A Filtration of Open/Closed Topological Field Theory
Ezra Getzler (Northwestern University),
November 2: Rational billiards and the SL(2,R) action on moduli space
Alex Eskin (University of Chicago),
November 9: Why and how do we use wavelets to study turbulence?
Marie Farge (Directrice de Recherche CNRS)
November 16: Mixed volume computation and solving polynomial systems
Tien-Yien Li (Michigan State University),
December 2: Optimal and Practical Algebraic Solvers for Discretized PDEs Aziz Lecture
Jinchao Xu (Pennsylvania State University),
December 7: DMS to THRIVE
Sastry G. Pantula (National Science Foundation)
February 8: On the rigidity of black holes Douglis Lecture
Sergiu Klainerman (Princeton University )
February 17: Product formulas for positive measures and applications February Fourier Talks
Peter Jones (Yale University),
February 22: Semismooth Newton Methods: Theory, Numerics and Applications Aziz Lecture
Michael Hintermüller (Humboldt University, Berlin),
February 29: On the size of the Navier - Stokes singular set
Walter Craig (McMaster University),
March 14: De Giorgi methods applied to regularity issues in Fluid Mechanics
Alexis Vasseur (UT Austin )
March 30: Birkhoff Normal Form and a problem of Herman Dynamics Conference
Hakan Eliasson (University of Paris-6 and IAS),
April 25: Lyapunov Functions: Towards an Aubry-Mather theory for homeomorphisms?
Albert Fathi (ENS-Lyon),
May 2: Contractions of Lie Groups and Representation Theory
Nigel Higson (Penn State University),
May 9: TBA
Andrei Caldararu (University of Wisconsin, Madison),

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