brian smithling
visiting assistant professor

department of mathematics
university of maryland
college park, md 20742

email: bds at umd dot edu
phone: +1 301-405-5081
office: mathematics building 2111
office hours: mw 11-12 and by appointment

common abbreviations used in my lectures pdf

cv pdf

fall 2019 teaching: math 141 (calculus ii) and stat 410 (introduction to probability theory)

together with thomas haines and yiannis sakellaridis, i am a co-organizer for the jhu-umd algebra and number theory day
my research is in arithmetic and algebraic geometry, and more specifically in shimura varieties and classification problems related to abelian varieties, p-divisible groups, and formal lie groups
some old course notes for kottwitz's autumn 2003 course "topics in algebra" (an introductory course on algebraic stacks) pdf
these contain some minor errors introduced by yours truly, but for now the source file is lost.
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