STAT 740, Linear Models I, Fall 2007

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Problem 1. The data set LA.Mortality contains 508 weekly observations on Pollution-Mortality data as follows.

(1) Mrt: Total Mortality
(2) Rsp: Respiratory Mortality
(3) Crd: Cardiovascular Mortality

(4) Tmp: Temperature
(5) Hum: Relative Humidity

(6) Crb: Carbon Monoxide
(7) Slf: Sulfur Dioxideg
(8) Nit: Nitrogen Dioxide
(9) Hdr: Hydrocarbons
(10) Ozn: Ozone
(11) Par: Particulates

Apply regression methods to relate the environmental (i.e. weather, pollution) to mortality by an "optimal" model. Your analysis should include: Residual analysis, Model selection, Hypothesis testing, Graphics, and Prediction.