The btg program

The btg program is an implementation of the Bayesian Transformed Gaussian (BTG) spatial prediction model proposed by De Oliveira, Kedem, and Short. The program can perform: The btg program is written for the Unix operating system. Precompiled versions are available for several architectures; and, since the source code is included, users can compile their own binaries to take full advantage of their systems. To learn more about the btg program, download the paper "An Implementation of the Bayesian Transformed Gaussian Spatial Prediction Model," available as a compressed Postscript file. To uncompress the file, type at the Unix prompt
Get the btg program, including code and precompiled binaries, here. You will probably also want to download the paper for information on how to use the program. To unarchive the program, type at the Unix prompt
gunzip btg013.tar.gz
tar -xf btg013.tar
When you have unarchived the program, look in the provided README file for information on how to finish the installation. If you have difficulties installing the program, ask your system administrator for assistance. Program requirements: There are a few precompiled versions of the program that use optimized versions of LAPACK and BLAS routines. LAPACK and BLAS are used by the program, but a translation into C of the necessary routines is included with the distribution. The LAPACK and BLAS libraries are freely available from the Netlib software repository.
David Bindel