AMSC/CMSC 466: Introduction to Numerical Analysis I

FALL 2017

Instructor: Dionisios Margetis

LECTURES: MWF, 9:00am-9:50am; Rm MTH 0303

Instructor's office hours: MW 10:00am-10:45am, or by appointment, starting Wed. Sept. 6.

Teaching Assistant/Grader: Danielle Middlebrooks (

FINAL EXAM: Saturday December 16, 8:00am-10:00am


Afternotes on Numerical Analysis;
author: G. W. Stewart; publisher: SIAM, 1996

Lecture Notes by Prof. Doron Levy

Short Syllabus and Detailed Course Policies (PDF)

For detailed syllabus see the Mathematics Department webpage

Teaching Assistant (TA)/Grader Information


A good companion book for the purpose of Matlab programming in Numerical Analysis is the book by Cleve Moler: "Numerical Computing with Matlab".

The entire book is available online for free as a collection of pdf files. The Matlab codes for all the programs are also available online.
This material is available at

An exerpt from "A Matlab Companion for Multivariable Calculus" by Jeffery Cooper, is available online on Jeffery Cooper's webpage

There are many books. For example: "A guide to Matlab: for Beginners and Experienced Users", by Hunt Lipsman, and Rosenberg.


  • Homework 1, due FRIDAY Sept. 8

  • Homework 2, due FRIDAY Sept. 15

  • Homework 3, due FRIDAY Sept. 22

  • Homework 4, due FRIDAY Sept. 29

  • Homework 5, due MONDAY Oct. 9

  • Homework 6, due WEDNESDAY Oct. 18

  • Homework 7, due FRIDAY Oct. 27

  • Homework 8, due FRIDAY Nov. 10

  • Homework 9, due MONDAY Nov. 20

  • Homework 10, due MONDAY Dec. 4

  • EXAMS:

  • EXAM 1, Monday September 25

    EXAM 1 Solutions

  • EXAM 2, Monday October 23

  • EXAM 3, Friday December 8


  • Lecture 1, Monday August 28: