Homepage of David W. Kueker

David W. Kueker
Professor Emeritus
University of Maryland
Mathematics Department
Office: MTH 2110
Phone: (301)405-5159


My research is in the area of mathematical logic known as model theory. Most recently I have worked on abstract elementary classes. Some papers include:

Upward Stability Transfer for Tame Abstract Elementary Classes (with John Baldwin and Monica VanDieren), Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 47(2006) 291-298.

Abstract Elementary Classes and Infinitary Logics, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 156(2008) 274-286.

And here is my first paper:

Definability, Automorphisms, and Infinitary Languages, in (J. Barwise, ed.) Syntax and Semantics of Infinitary Languages, SLN volume 72 (1968) 152-165.

I was an invited plenary speaker at the 2009 European Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic:
Logic Colloquium 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria, 31 July-5 August, 2009.

Here are the slides for my talk:
Abstract Elementary Classes.

Course Notes:

Here are the notes I have written over the years for a Graduate Introduction to Mathematical Logic.
Mathematical Logic I: Elementary Logic and Model Theory.
Mathematical Logic II: Incompleteness, Undecidability, Computability.

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