George Stantchev


Visualization and Graphics:

G. Stantchev, D. Juba, W. Dorland, A. Varshney, Confluent Volumetric Visualization of Gyrokinetic Turbulence, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Special Issue on Images in Plasma Science, Vol. 36, No. 4, August 2008 [online]
G. Stantchev, Virtual Trackball Modeling and the Exponential Map, preprint, (2004) [online]
G. Stantchev, S. Zalesak, A. Deane, VizFlow: A Visualization Package for Multi-Block Multi-Processor CFD and MHD Data, NASA Report CR-2003-212232, 2003. [online]

High-performance Computing:

G. Stantchev, W. Dorland, N. Gumerov, Fast Parallel Particle-to-grid Interpolation for Plasma PIC Simulations on the GPU, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, to appear, (2008)[online]
G. Stantchev, D. Juba, W. Dorland, A. Varshney, High-performance Computation and Visualization of Plasma Turbulence on Graphics Processors, IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering, to appear, (2008) [online]

Multiscale Modeling:

G. Stantchev, A. Maluckov, M. Shay, W. Dorland, J. Drake, S.Ishiguro, M. Skoric, Wavelet Techniques for Coarse Projective Integration in Multiscale Plasma Dynamics, Proceedings of 33rd EPS Conference on Plasma Phys, Rome, ECA Vol.30I, P-5.068, 2006 [online]



S.P. Tan, G. Stantchev, G. McShane, W. Goldman, Modular Group Actions on The Space of Isometries of the Hyperbolic Plane , Journal of Topology submitted, (2008)
G. Stantchev, W. Goldman, Dynamics of the Automorphism Group of the GL(2,R)-Characters of a Once-punctured Torus , preprint, (2005) [online]

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