Running MATLAB from off-campus

You can run MATLAB from off-campus in a terminal window, with some reasonble warnings and restrictions. Read this document completely before deciding whether to bother. I'm assuming that you already know how to: (I apologize in advance that I'm not going to go into depth about these two things.)

Assuming you do, first open an ssh connection to and log in with your default UMD DirectoryID and Password. Note that on linux or a Mac you can open a terminal window and just ssh Depending on your system you might instead need to ssh -X to enable X-forwarding or ssh -Y to enable trusted X-forwarding.

Once you've done that you'll have a terminal window. Begin with

tap matlab

and then

matlab -nodisplay

Note: This runs MATLAB without opening any fancy displays. Note that you cannot plot or even access any standard windows menus this way. Now you can do what you wish. At the end just quit.

>> quit

Note: If you skip the matlab -nodisplay command you'll get all the fancy windows and graphics but You have been warned!