] Math 401

Math 401


Lay David C., Lay Steven R., McDonald Judi J., Linear Algebra and its Applications, 5th ed.
  • Prerequisite Math 461 or Math 240 or Math 341 or equivalent.


  • Room: Math 3317. Phone: (301)405-5152. email: mvy@math.umd.edu
  • Office hours: Tu,Th 10:45-11:45, Tu 2- 2:45, and by appointment.
  • In this course we study topics in Linear Algebra with applications to calculus, differential equations, dynamical systems, image processing,geometry, computer graphics, optimization, finite state Markov chains and other topics.
  • Grading

  • There will be a total of 550 points available in the course, allocated as follows.
  • Three exams each worth 50 points, see tentative dates below.
  • Several HW assignments and quizzes, with a total of 200 points.
  • Cumulative final exam worth 200 points.
  • The grades will be awarded by 90+ A, 80+ B, 70+ C, 60+ D, 0-59 F.

    Missed exams, quizzes

  • Please note that for a missed exam a written explanation from a doctor will need to be provided. With a proper explanation 1/4 of your score for the final exam will be the makeup.

    Final Exam

  • ATTENTION. FINAL EXAM. December 13 8-10 am.
  • Please arrive at 7:55. Bring photo ID.

    Tentative exam days

  • Test 1. September 27
  • Test 2. November 1
  • Test 3. December 4

    For updated info about exams, HW and quizzes, see Canvas

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