Linear Algebra Video Lectures

These are the videos for Math 401 (Applications of Linear Algebra), spring 2013, roughly following Linear Algebra and Applications by Gilbert Strang

There are some other linear algebra videos on my youtube channel

Wednesday, January 23: Sections 1.1 and 1.3

Friday, January 25: Gaussian Elimination 2

Monday, January 28: Section 1.6 and 2.1

Wednesday, January 30, Section 2.2 (and a little of 2.6)

Friday February 1 there are two videos:

More on row echelon form

Also for Friday February 1:

Basis and Dimension

Monday, February 4: Basis and Dimension 2

Wednesday, February 6: Four Fundamental Subspaces

Friday, February 8: Applications to Graph Theory

Monday, February 11: Linear Transformations II

Wednesday, February 13: Orthogonality

Friday, February 15: Cosines and Projection

Wednesday, February 20: Least Squares II

Friday, February 22: Gram Schmidt

Monday, February 25: Gram Schmidt and the QR Decomposition

Wednesday, February 27: Determinants

Friday, March 1: Determinants (continued)

Monday, March 4: Applications of Determinants

Monday, March 11: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors I

Wednesday. March 13: Diagonalization

Monday, March 25: Markov Processes  

Monday, April 1: Differential Equations II

Two videos for Friday, March 29:

Differential Equations I

Markov and positive matrices

Wednesday, April 3: Complex and Hermitian matrices

Friday, April 5: Complex, Hermitian and Unitary matrices

Monday, April 8: Similarity and Jordan form

Wednesday, April 10: The Spectral Theorem

Friday, April 12: Inner products

Monday, April 15: Inner Products 2 (and Singular Value Decomosition)

Wednesday, April 17: Singular Value Decomposition

Friday April 18: Eigenvalues 1 (disk method and powers)

Monday, April 22: Eigenvalues 2 (powers, Householder matrices, and the QR algorithm)

Wednesday, April 24: Matrix Norm and Condition Number

Monday, April 22: Eigenvalues 2 (powers, Householder matrices, and the QR algorithm)