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The 1960s

University of Toronto

Graduation in 1964 with Chan Davis (adviser), Bruce and Gary, Mother and Grandfather
At a party in 1964 to celebrate the PhD
Armando and Bianca's wedding with Bruce, Gary and John

The 1970s

Cathy, Pedro Milaszewicz, and baby Johnny outside of Galileo's house in Florence (October 1970) By Riemann's grave at Biganzolo in the northern part of Verbania (Februrary 1971)
Bearded and with Fulvio Ricci (PhD, 1977) and Johnny

The 1980s

With Ward Evans (PhD, 1980) at Rosette
With Bob Warner in 1983
With David Joyner in 1983

1984: the Riccis and the Benedetto boys

1984: with Costas Karanikas, (Unknown), Ray Johnson, Eric Sawyer, Sam Drury, Yves Meyer, Angelo Mingarelli, Alois Kufner, Claude Billingsheimer at McMaster

1987: Jean-Pierre Gabardo's graduation
1987: with Hans Heinig, Yves Meyer, Guido Weiss, and Eric Sawyer (at back) at El Escorial
1988: Sadahiro Saeki with Cathy
1988: With Sadahiro Saeki at Clagett
1988: George Benke (PhD, 1971) at MITRE - my first PhD student
1989: David Walnut (PhD, 1989)
1989: David Walnut with parents in John's study
1989: With Hans Feichtinger, Ray Johnson, and Der-Chen Chang at Ray's
Il Ciocco 1989
with George Benke, Ward Evans, Chris Heil,
David Walnut, and Jean Pierre Gabardo
with Cathy and Hans Heinig

The 1990s

JB hooding George Yang for his PhD graduation. John Osborne and Nelson Markley in foreground. May 1990
John and Rodney Kerby at Rod's PhD graduation. May 1990
Chris Heil and JB at Chris' PhD graduation. May 1990
Chris Heil, Francesca Kerby, John, Rodney Kerby at Chris' and Rod's graduation. May 1990
Jim Heil, JB, Chris Heil, at pregraduation dinner for Chris. May 1990
JB, Chris Heil, Cathy. May 1990
with Chris Heil, May 1990
with George Yang, 1990
Chris Heil and Rodney Kerby
Chris Heil, May 1990
John Osborne (l.) and Chris Heil (r.)
with John Osborne and Chris Heil
Il Ciocco, July 1991
Il Ciocco, July 1991
John and Turan Gurkanli at Il Ciocco, July 1989
Felicity, Mrs. Papoulis, Cathy, Adele Gabardo at Il Ciocco, July 1989
David Walnut, Chris and Sunnie, and Bill Heller
Chris' and Rodney's graduations in 1990, with Rod's little Frankie
with Joe Lakey, Bill Heller, and Rod Kerby, 1991
with Joe Lakey, 1991
Il Ciocco 1991, with PhDs Jean-Pierre, Rod, Chris, David, Sandra, and Bill
with Joe Lakey (l.) and Bill Heller (r.)
Il Ciocco 1992
Il Ciocco 1992
Il Ciocco 1992
Il Ciocco 1992
Il Ciocco 1992
Il Ciocco 1992
with Jim Byrnes, 1992
Georg Zimmermann, 1994
with son Chris Heil (middle) and grandson Kasso (left), 1998
Meeting of the Math Mafia. John with Manos Papadakis at Akram's NIH apartment (October 1995)
Meeting of the Math Mafia. John with Shidong Li at Akram's NIH apartment (October 1995)
Meeting of the Math Mafia. John with the mob boss himself, Akram Aldroubi (October 1995)
Meeting of Argentinian Analysts in Mendoza. Facing camera at right is Agnes Benedek, Panzone is to her right. Amir has beard and Panzone's sone is to her right. JB faces Amir with Carlos to my left. October 1998
Carlos Cabrelli and JB in mountains between Mendoza and Chile. Note: Llama is about 1/2" from edge of photo to our left. October 1998
Cerro de la Gloria. This is monument to San Martin's army. Panzore's son, Ursula Molter, Carlos Cabrelli, JB. October 1998
Cerro de la Gloria, in Mendoza. JB, Carlos Cabrelli, Panzore (son). October 1998
Ursula's aunt, Carlos, JB at asado on the farm belonging to Ursula's mother, sister, and brother-in-law outside of Buenos Aires. October 1998
Briant Hughes at his farm preparing asado. October 1998
Asado at Ursula's folks' farm outside Buenos Aires. JB on far right, Ursula's mother 6th from the Left, flanked by Ursula's brother and his wife. October 1998
Graduate student party. Rodney, Manuel, Sherry, JB, Goetz, Hui, Chuan, Oliver, Tony, Alex, Caroll, Dave, Jill, Kim, Jeff, Alfredo, Ioannis. May 1999
JB 60th Conference. October 1999
Oliver, John Arras, Weng, Sherry Scott, Jill McGowan, Radha, Wade, Jon Sjogren, Manuel Leon, Melissa, and Chuck. March 1998
Oliver, John Arras, Jill McGowan, Radha, Wade Trappe, Jon Sjogren, Manuel Leon, Melissa, and Chuck. March 1998
Same cast as before, but C instead of J. March 1998
Oliver, John Arras, Anwar Saleh, Weng, Jill McGowan, Sherry, Radka Turkojour, Wade Trappe, Melissa, John Sjogren, Manuel Leon, Rodney, John, Chuck Harrison. March 1998.
Cathy and John at JB's 60th Conference Banquet at Adult Education Center. October 8th 1999
The family at JB's 60th Conference. October 1999
JB with his PhD students and Chandler Davis. October1999
JB with some students and Chan. October 1999
JB's after dinner remarks. October 1999
Jill and Rod dancing. Alfredo in background. October 1999
JB60 after party at Quality Inn. Bobby, Karen, Danielle, John and Jackie Adams, Cathy and Alfredo. October 9th 1999
Rod Kerbey and Erica Bernstein dancing. October 1999
John and Jackie Adams dancing. October 1999
Bobby, Charly Gröchenig, JB, Hervé Queffelec, Fulvio Ricci, Ledue. October 1999
JB60 Conference. 1999
JB60 Conference. October 1999
Hervé Queffelec and Oliver Treiber (1999)
1999, Sherry Scott
John's 60th Birthday Party, 1999
Charly Gröchenig with Erica in background (1999)
Doug Cochran and Erica Bernstein (1999)
Santa Fe, Argentina. Liliana Forzani, John, Hugo Aimar. Empanada Party at Roberto Macias'. February 2001
John, Nora, Lilliana Forzani, Nestor, Marissa Riviere (widow of N. Riviere), Carlos Neumann. February 2001
Husband of Nora, Viviana, Hugo's daughter, Laura (11), Liliana Forzani, Virginia. February 2001
Roberto Scotto, Lilianna Forzani. Santa Fe, Argentina. February 2001
Roberto Macias (Dept. Chair and host of this empanada party), Nora, Virginia, Liliana Forozani (Diego, Virginia's boyfriend above Lili), Pola Harboure, JB, Hugo Aimar. February 2001
Nora's husband, Roberto Scotto, Virginia, Diego, Liliana Forzani, John. February 2001
JB, Joe and Ellen Lakey, Maia (Jeff Hogan). Aveiro Portugal, June 1997
Summer 1997
John and Ioannis (Ioanni) Konstantinidis (2001)
John hooding Matt Fickus (2001)
George Benke at MITRE in 1994
Doug Cochran, John, Jim Byrnes, Wim Sweldons, Victor Wickenhauser, Shidong Li, January 1995 in Melbourne, Australia
John in his office, 1997
Evan, Shen, Victor Wickerhauser, John, Ka Sing Lau, Ursula Molter, Wayne Lawter, D.J., Doug Hardin, Carlos Cabrelli. Hong Kong, 1997
Hong Kong, 1997
Hong Kong, 1997
Hong Kong, 1997
Victor Wickerhauser, Ka-Sing Lau, Ursula Molter, Carlos Cabrelli, Kardin, Doug Kardin, Shen, Shen, D.J., and John. Hong Kong, 1997
Oliver, John, and Goetz. Il Ciocco, 1998
Bob Ryan, Stéphane Jaffard, Laurent Andriz, Fred Williams, John, Goetz Pfander, and Oliver Treiber. Il Ciocco, 1998
Oliver, Fred, John, and Goetz. Il Ciocco, 1998
Fred Williams and John. Il Ciocco, 1998
Il Ciocco, 1998
Oliver Treiber, John, Marcia Byrnes, and Goetz Pfander. Il Ciocco, 1998
With students, Spring 1998
With students, Spring 1998
With students, Spring 1998
Melissa Harrison, 1998
John's 60th birthday, 1999
Hans Heinig, 1999
With Chandler Davis and
most of my Ph.D. students at
the Harmonic Analysis Conference,
October 1999
With Paolo and Davide at the Briksdalsbreen Glacier
SAMPTA'99 in Loen, Norway
John, Radu Balan, and Akram Aldroubi at an AMS meeting in January 1999.
David Widemann, Ioannis Konstantinidis, Alex Powell, and others of John's students at the infamous "Zoo Party" (1999)
Bob Warner and his wife. 1990s



July 2000 
with Sherry Scott after her thesis defense
Sherry with Rod Kerby

Graduation 2001
with Matt Fickus at graduation, May 2001
with Alex Powell, Ioannis Konstantinidis, and Songkiat Sumetkijakan, December 2001
Steve Halperin and Ioannis Konstantinidis, December 2001

Graduation 2002
With Weng for Weng's Ph.D. in 2002
With Weng and Nuk, Mrs. Sumetkijakan and Yoo
with Wojtek Czaja, Spring 2002
Joe Lakey with his new PhDs, Spring 2002: The new generation continues to grow.
with Ioannis, Alex, and Jerry Kautsky after Jerry's seminar.

Guido's visit in October 2002

Ipek, Shijun, Weng, Guido, John, Juan, Ozgur, and Wojtek
Ipek, Shijun, Nuk, Weng, Guido, Juan, Ozgur, Wojtek, and DongQun
Oliver visited in August 2002 and wanted a picture of this part of my blackboard (alas). On the other hand, the picture does preserve his motto "nicht tiefgehend"!
And then there was lunch at Franklin's with Ozgur, starting his post-doc here, Anwar, about to return to Bahrain after receiving his Ph.D., and Alex, who received his Ph.D. in May 2003. Oliver had to be seated since he is so tall.


Yang Wang with John, 2002

Goetz and Tijana's wedding

Goetz wearing a tie, Goetz looking pensive, Goetz with his beautiful Tijana on their wedding day, October 19, 2002.
Akram Aldroubi and Taina, 2004
At Cathy and John's house, May 2003

New Zealand

March 2005

In the heat with Pete and Janet
Chilling with Pete Casazza... an Ice Bar in New Zealand
Alone in the ocean
The group getting ready for a hike
On the hillside in New Zealand
University of Maryland,
March 2005
giving a minicourse on Fourier Transforms and Wavelets at the University of Maryland


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