AMSC/CMSC 663–664: Advanced Scientific Computing I and II

Course description

AMSC/CMSC 663-664 is a two-semester project course in which each student will identify and carry out a scientific computing project with a focus on: 

  • Understanding of scientific computing algorithms related to the project.
  • Code  development, which could include 
  • Modularity, portability, memory management
  • Post-processing, restarting, and writing to databases
  • Interactivity and effective scientific visualization 
  • Proper documentation, version management tools, and accessibility 
  • Debugging and profiling tools
  • Validation, verification, and unit testing. 

Each project must be focused on computing and involve the development of high-quality computer code implementing contemporary or original numerical techniques. 

AMSC/CMSC 663 (Fall 2019)

AMSC/CMSC664 (Spring 2020)

Some final presentations (Spring 2020):

Project: Development of a Lagrangian-Eularian Model of Solid Biomass Fuel Degradation and Flame Propagation in Wildfires. 

Advisor: A. Trouve.


  • Koushik Marepally, Department of Aerospace Engineering, UMD

Project: Analysis of 2D Inviscid Flow Solver based on Hamiltonian paths. 

Advisor: J. Baeder.


Project: How toxic are poisoning attacks? A benchmark for poisoning neural networks.

Advisor: T. Goldstein.


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