MINITAB and Stat 100 (Overview)

Minitab Assignments

A Brief Introduction to Minitab for Windows
This efficient and user friendly introduction was written in Spring 99 by Professor Kedem, mostly for use at the Math OWL computers. Those computers ran Windows then and run Windows NT now, so, this introduction is most useful for you if you are using Windows at home. There are blank spaces where copies of the MINITAB output appeared in the original version, but it is probably still helpful.

A Brief Introduction to Minitab for the Math OWL (Windows NT)
This is a condensed version of Professor Kedem's introduction, adapted to the Math OWL computers, which run Windows NT.

In either introduction, if some command is not in exact accord with what is happening on your computer, don't stop --- soldier on with common sense and experimentation, you will do fine.