Schedule of Work
Math 130   Spring 2015


Tuesday date Tuesday Thursday
Jan. 27 Ch.R
2.1 Exponential Functions
2.2a Log Functions
Feb. 3 2.2b Log functions
2.3 Growth and Decay
2.4a Trig.Functions
Feb. 10 2.4b Trig.Functions
3.1a (Limits)
3.1b (Limits)
3.2 (Continuity)
Feb. 17 SNOW DAY 3.3 Rates of change
3.4 Defn. of Derivative
Feb. 24 4.1 Computing derivatives
6.5 Differentials
AT HOME: 4.2 Computing derivatives
March 10 4.3 Chain Rule
4.4 Derivatives of Exponential Functions
4.5 Derivatives of Log Functions
4.6 Derivatives of Trig Functions
March 24 5.1 Increasing and Decreasing Functions
5.2 Relative Extrema
5.3 Higher derivatives
5.4a Curve sketching
March 31 5.4b Curve Sketching EXAM 2
April 7 6.1 Absolute Extrema 6.2 Applications of Extrema
April 14 6.3 Implicit Differentiation
6.4a Related Rates
6.4b Related Rates
April 21 7.1 Antiderivatives, 7.2 Substitution 7.3 Area and the Definite Integral
April 28 7.4 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
7.5 Area between two curves
8.3 Volume and average value
May 5 Review EXAM 3
May 12 Final Review FINAL EXAM

Unless announced otherwise, your Monday quiz questions will be VERY similar to, or equal to, assigned homework problems for the sections listed in the schedule of work above for the previous week. (Either your TA or I might email otherwise.) Homework will not be collected.

The first day of class is Monday Jan. 26. There will be a quiz (graded for credit, as usual) that day on the review material from sections R.1, R.2, R.3, R.4 and R.6. So please be prepared for that.

Final exam.
The uniform final for all Math 130 classes will be held Thursday May 14 from 1:30 to 3:30 P.M. The location for the final will be announced later; it will depend on your section, and it will probably NOT be the usual room for the lecture or section meeting.

TA Sections.
You meet with your Math TA on Monday and with your life sciences TA on Wednesday. Unless announced otherwise by email, you can generally expect a quiz in your math section and a worksheet in your biology section -- graded events. The Monday quizzes AND the midterms will very strongly reflect your assigned homework.

More on the schedule.
1. The lecture on a given day covers material indicated in the box for that day. The unexplained numbers refer to sections of the text ("Calculus for the Life Sciences" by Greenwell et al, 2nd edition).
2. The schedule of lecture activity above is a bit approximate in that lecture activity on a section may bleed into adjoining lectures. Also, lecture material is not quite entirely contained in the text.
3. The schedule above may change due to snow days or other factors. In that case I'll email the class and post an updated schedule.

Some deadlines.
Friday Feb. 6: last day of schedule adjustment for Spring 2015
(last day to drop a class with no W on the record)
Monday April 13: last day to drop a course with a W ("withdrawal")
Other UMD academic calendar dates and deadlines