Math 240 Spring 2013

The regular uniform final examination will be held Saturday May 11, 1:30 - 3:30 pm,
in a location determined by who your TA is -- see the link at

The alternate final examination will be held Sunday May 12, 1:30-3:30 in
Room 1202 of EGR (Building 088, Engineering) which is next to the math building.
You must be signed up with me ahead of time to take it, as discussed in class.
Click HERE FOR THE LIST of students who have signed up.

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Course information
Schedule of work

Homework assignments (not including MATLAB)

Office hours
TESTBANK (Math Department online archive of past exams)

MATLAB information
MATLAB tutoring hours for Spring 2013

MATLAB Assignments:
Project 1 (due in section Tuesday Feb. 12)
Project 2 (due in section Tuesday March 5)
Project 3 (due in section Tuesday April 9)
Project 4 (due in section Tuesday April 23)

Sample tests for midterm exams :
See my past MATH 240 (and MATH 461) Exams on Testbank.
I also recommend the sample exams of Justin Wyss-Gallifent:
Exam 1 : Justin's sample exams 1 and 2
Exam 2 : Justin's sample exams 1 and 2
Exam 3 : Justin's sample exams 1 and 2 , with errata:

Supplementary Course Materials:

Similarity of two by two matrices
How matrices multiply finite dimensional volume

Complex numbers:
For basic background on complex numbers and series (which you are assumed to have), see the
notes on complex numbers and series from the math department's Calculus II web page .

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