MATLAB Homework

The MATLAB assignments below are due in class on the days indicated. The chapter references and problem sets are from "Differential Equations with MATLAB" by B. Hunt et al.

Problem Set A: Tuesday June 7
      hand in problems 1-6       (but work through all problems)
      (before A, go through Chapters 1-4)
Problem Set B: Tuesday June 14
      Problems 6, 11a, 12bc
      (before B, go through Chapters 5-6)
      Note, problem 6 is similar to problem 5, for which there is a solution (p.260).
Problem Set C:Tuesday June 21
      Problems 4 and 10
      Note, problem 4 is similar to problem 3, for which there is a solution (p.264).
Problem Set D: Tuesday June 28
      2, 3
      (Parts of Ch. 10 are relevant.)
Problem Set F: Tuesday July 5
      7, 8

Teams. You may work alone or in two-person teams on your MATLAB assignments. If you work with another person on an assignment, turn in just one set of solutions; both of you will get the same grade. In this case, you must work together--if one of you does the work and the other signs it, then you are both cheating.

Math department lab. For Math summer session students, the computer lab in Room 0203 (Math building) is open Monday through Friday, 12:30-2:30. The computers have MATLAB. There is a T.A. on duty who can help you get set up and with MATLAB. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE AN ASSIGNMENT IS DUE.

Summer WAM Hours. The two-hour window above might not be enough. For summer hours of wam labs (not including the 12:30-2:30 window in 0203 Math), see In particular, PG2 (Regents Parking Garage) should be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You need a University id to enter between 11:30 pm and 6:30 am.

Buying MATLAB. If you are interested in purchasing Matlab for your own computer rather than only using the wam labs, then you should be able to get the Student Version for a price on the order of $100 at the bookstore or the MATLAB website, Check it is compatible with your operating system -- windows 98 is not good enough -- XP and Linux are fine.