Academic integrity and the honor pledge

The honor pledge.

The University of Maryland has a student-based honor system, administered by the Student Honor Council. The Student Honor Council proposed and the University Senate approved the institution of an honor pledge. As of Spring 2002, students are asked to write by hand and sign on all exams and assignments (excepting those exempted by the instructor) the following pledge: (The intended meaning of "Unauthorized assistance" is to cover all forms of cheating. No Clintonesque interpretations allowed!)

In this course, writing the pledge will be asked for only for exams. Nevertheless, honorable and noncheating behavior is expected in all respects. In particular, in the written reports for this course, all sources should be acknowledged. Writing should not be a paraphrase of other works. Read your sources, list out your points for yourself, and write your reports in your own words, using quotes if needed.

Academic integrity.

Be familiar with the University's code of academic integrity .