Stat 400, Section 0301, Spring 2004

Course title: Applied Probability and Statistics
Class time: MWF 12:00-12:50
Class location: Math B0421
Textbook: Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, Jay L. Devore, 6th edition
Prerequisite: Math 140-141

Instructor: Professor Mike Boyle (
Office: 4413 Math
Phone: 301-405-5135
Office hours: MWF 1 and by appointment.
(You're are welcome to drop by unannounced, but I won't always be in or free to help.)

Syllabus: We will cover most of Chapters 1-8 of the text. (We will skip parts of Chapter 1; a few distributions; most of 4.6; 7.4; and 8.3. We'll also cover some topics superficially.) We expect also to study the Law of Large Numbers, Transformation of Random Variables, and Simulation (with handouts).

Grading: Online access to grades. You will have the opportunity to get online access to your current grades in this section through a password you provide.

Makeups. As a general rule I won't give makeup exams or quizzes -- this is part of the reason for dropping your lowest midterm and lowest two quizzes. If you know you must miss a class ahead of time, talk to me in advance.

Calculator. Calculators won't be allowed on tests.

Expectations/philosophy. You are expected to come to class, do the homework, and most important of all be actively engaged in trying to understand. The real learning goes on through your active efforts, and most of this takes place outside class. Two tips for success: Religious observances. If your religion dictates that you cannot take an exam or hand in assigned work on a particular date, then contact me at the beginning of the semester to discuss alternatives. You are responsible for making these arrangements at the beginning of the semester.

Disabilities. If you have some disability related to testing under the usual timed, in-class conditions, you may contact the office of Disabled Students Services (DSS) in Shoemaker. If they assess you as meriting private conditions and/or extra time, then you may arrange to take your tests at DSS, with extra time as they indicate. You must arrange this well in advance of a test (in particular: no retakes). Click to Disability Support Services for further information.

READ THIS: The honor pledge; academic integrity; what constitutes cheating

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