Stat 400-0201, Summer II, 2007

Course title: Applied Probability and Statistics
Class time: MWF 11:00-12:20
Class location: Math 0105
Textbook: Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, Jay L. Devore, 6th edition
Prerequisite: Math 140-141

Instructor: Professor Mike Boyle (
Office: 1105 Math
Phone: 301-405-5056
Office hours: 10:00-10:30, after class, and by appointment.
(You're welcome to drop by unannounced, but I won't always be in or free to help.)

Syllabus: We will cover most of Chapters 1-8 of the text. (We will skip parts of Chapter 1; a few probability distributions; most of 4.6; 7.4; and 8.3. We'll also cover some topics superficially.) We will also study the Law of Large Numbers.

Grading: Grades will be determined from a course score. There will be 900 possible points for the score: Scoring 800 guarantees an A; 700 guarantees a B; 600 guarantees a C; 500 guarantees a D.
The total scores for homework and quizzes will be rescaled at the end of the course to match the numbers given here. I expect there will be two homework assignments due per week.

There will be no makeup quizzes. I will drop your two lowest quizzes and your two lowest homework scores. Late homework usually will not be accepted. These dropped scores are to take care of events beyond your control.

Caveat! We will be covering Stat 400 in just six weeks, meeting five days a week. This is pretty intense. The usual 14 week schedule requires about 6 hours per week outside class, not counting review for the final; we will have six weeks. Plan to be in class--often a critical topic will be covered entirely in one day--and be ready to average three hours outside of class, five days a week.

The key to success here is simply to keep up with the daily schedule. The grading scheme is designed to reward keeping up.

Calculators. Calculators won't be allowed on tests.

Disabilities. If you have some disability related to testing under the usual timed, in-class conditions, you may contact the office of Disabled Students Services (DSS) in Shoemaker. If they assess you as meriting private conditions and/or extra time, then you may arrange to take your tests at DSS, with extra time as they indicate. You must arrange this well in advance of a test (in particular: no retakes). Click to Disability Support Services for further information.

READ THIS: The honor pledge; academic integrity; what constitutes cheating

Math Department course page for STAT 400.

E-MAIL: I will send the class email with a course reflector to email addresses officially registered with the University. Students are responsible for maintaining a correct address. If your official email address is not correct, then click here to update it. If this doesn't work, just email me your email address to add manually.