Academic integrity and the honor pledge

The honor pledge.

The University of Maryland has a student-based honor system, administered by the Student Honor Council. The Student Honor Council proposed and the University Senate approved the institution of an honor pledge. As of Spring 2002, students are asked to write by hand and sign on all exams and assignments (excepting those exempted by the instructor) the following pledge: (The intended meaning of "Unauthorized assistance" is to cover all forms of cheating. No Clintonesque interpretations allowed!)

In this course, writing the pledge will be asked for only for exams. Nevertheless, honorable and noncheating behavior is expected in all respects.

Working together or cheating?

Absolutely, I encourage you to collaborate on homework. You can learn more (especially if you try the problems alone first) and you can build friendships. Where is the line drawn on cheating? In this course, you are cheating on written homework if you copy the solution. You are not cheating if your friend explains the solution to you, or if you learn the solution by studying your friend's paper. BUT! You must write the solution from your own understanding and memory.

However, it is more productive to work on the homework by yourself before consulting with classmates.

Academic integrity.

The University has a code of academic integrity , and more generally a code of student conduct. These are available on the Office of Student Conduct student information page.