Math 411-0101     Spring 2013
Course Description

Course title: Advanced Calculus II
Class time MWF 12:00 - 12:50
Class location: MATH B0421
Professor: Mike Boyle
Office: Room 4413, Math Building
Phone: 301-405-5135
Office hours: MWF 1:30-2:20 (often also free for a time after class)

Prerequisite. MATH 410 with grade of C or better, and permission of the math department.

Required text: Advanced Calculus, Patrick M. Fitzpatrick, Second Edition

Syllabus. I plan to cover essentially the second half of the book (from Chapter 10 on), except for Ch. 20. . See the projected schedule of work for more detail.

Course score possible points (quiz and homework scores will be rescaled to these): Course Grades. Here is a grading curve: A 850-1000, B 750-849, C 650-749, D 550-649. F 0-549. It is possible that the curve will be relaxed, but it won't be made tougher.

Conflicts. If you know before an exam that you have a schedule conflict, contact me in advance.

Expectations/philosophy. You are expected to come to class, do the homework, and most important of all be actively engaged in trying to understand. Tips for success: I will use coursemail to email the class. You are responsible for reading this email. If you aren't getting the email, give me your email address to add to the mailing.

Academic integrity in this class. (Follow the link.)

Religious observances. If your religion dictates that you cannot take an exam or hand in assigned work on a particular date, then contact me at the beginning of the semester to discuss alternatives. You are responsible for making these arrangements at the beginning of the semester.

Disabilities. If you have some disability related to testing under the usual timed, in-class conditions, you may contact the office of Disabled Students Services (DSS) in Shoemaker. If they assess you as meriting private conditions and/or extra time, then you may arrange to take your tests at DSS, with extra time as they indicate. You must arrange this well in advance of a test (in particular: no retakes). Click to Disability Support Services for further information.

The course MATH 411. Success in MATH 411 requires a personal immersion in the material and homework. You have to be willing to struggle with reading and problems until understanding comes. By far the greater part of this will happen outside of class. I won't cover in class all the things you must read and understand: In class, we will do some complicated things. But I am thinking of class more for giving context, interpretation, extra material, things that will help the reading and homework, and answering questions. I am like a coach -- the real work is in you.

Quizzes will, usually, be short, unannounced and about material from the sections of the book started in the previous few class meetings. The hope is to encourage your reading and activity.

Everyone will have good reasons for missing some class, and that is addressed as follows: I'll drop the lowest two quiz scores.

Stokes and Green I plan to skip the last chapter (Green-Stokes etc.), because the pace is so fast that something has to give. This not because this material is unimportant, but because we have so little time at the end to do it justice.

I strongly recommend the little paperback "Calculus on Manifolds" of Spivak, which has some overlap with 411 but gives the treatment of Green-Stokes etc. I'd like to have time for. This is also the text for the course MATH 437 taught this spring 2013 by Professor Bill Goldman, one of our best, TuTh 9:30-10:45. If you are considering graduate school in math or physics, then I strongly recommend you consider adding this course (if you're not in it already).

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