Math 461 Spring 2006 (Mike Boyle)

Course information and syllabus
Schedule of work

Textbook homework assignments

MATLAB homework assignments
(all MATLAB assignments are due Monday in section):
General information
Problem Set 1 (due Feb. 13)
Problem Set 2 (due Feb. 27) [Note: in the last problem, just do part 41(a).]
Problem Set 3 (due March 27)
Problem Set 4 (due April 17)
Problem Set 5 (due April 24)
Problem Set 6 (due May 1)

Office hours:

Mike Boyle: Tues after lecture (catch me there), also W10, F11 at 4413 Math.
Ryan Janicki (4202 Math) M2, W11
Nicholas Long (2117 Math): M1, Tu2
Fei Xue (1305 Math): W2, Th 1

TESTBANK (Math Department online archive of past exams)

Supplementary Course Materials:

For basic background on complex numbers and series, see the notes on complex numbers and series from the department's Calculus II web page .

Notes on Perron-Frobenius Theory of Nonnegative Matrices

Math 461 recorded grades, by alias
(to be opened May 8 or May 9)
(webct quizzes will be added later)
Section 0111 (Fei Xue, 8:00)
Section 0112 (Nicholas Long, 8:00)
Section 0121 (Fei Xue, 10:00)
Section 0131 (Nicholas Long, 11:00)
Section 0132 (Ryan Janicki, 11:00)
Section 0141 (Ryan Janicki, 3:30)

The webct final score will be added into the grades above at some point. You can access your webct quiz and survey items by logging into your account at web-ct.

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