Some of my talks

  • The automorphism group and mapping class group of a shift of finite type
    Workshop: Groups of dynamical origin,
    Instituto de Matematicas, UNAM, Mexico City, February 2017
    (This talk was followed by the paper
    The mapping class group of a shift of finite type,
    with Sompong Chuysurichay.)

  • Isolating zero dimensional dynamics on manifolds
    (Revisiting x2x3 Conference, Cieplice, Poland May 2016;
    celebrating Tomasz Downarowicz, who is 60)

  • Path methods for strong shift equivalence of positive matrices
    (University of British Columbia and Penn State, October 2012 )

  • Borel dynamics and countable state Markov shifts
    (Pucon, Information and Randomness conference, December 2010)

  • Problems and progress in symbolic dynamics (over the last 30 years)
    (Warwick, 30th Birthday of ETDS conference, September 2010)

  • Multidimensional shifts of finite type and sofic shifts I,
    Multidimensional shifts of finite type and sofic shifts II
    ( CIRM, Luminy, February 2010)

  • Matrix problems arising from symbolic dynamics
    (Kansas State University, May 2009)

  • Copenhagen Lectures June 2008:
    1: Background
    2: Automorphisms of the shift
    3-4: Strong shift equivalence space and its applications
    7: Three open problems
    8: The wild world of multidimensional SFTs

  • Multidimensional shifts of finite type and sofic shifts: subsystems and quotients
    (Rocky Mountain Dynamical Systems Conference, May 2008)

  • Overview of Markovian maps
    (BIRS October 2007, Banff Canada)

  • Symbolic extensions of intermediate smoothness
    (School on Information and Randomness, Universidad de Chile, December 2006)

  • Expansive maps commuting with shifts of finite type
    (Northwest Dynamics Symposium, Univ. Victoria, August 2005)

  • Almost isomorphism of countable state Markov shifts
    (Max Planck Institute, Bonn, 22 June 2004)

  • The entropy theory of symbolic extensions
    (Max Planck Institute, Bonn, 6 July 2004)
    [This was Part I of a two-lecture series; the climax Part II was the
    lecture on Entropy Structure by Tomasz Downarowicz.]