Spring 2002 Meeting of the
Maryland-Penn State Workshop on
Dynamical Systems and Related Topics


The conference picture was taken in two pieces:
Piece 1
Piece 2

There are also pictures of almost all speakers:

Idris Assani
Joe Auslander
Karen Ball
Vitaly Bergelson
Francois Blanchard
Leo Butler
Toke Carlsen
Tomasz Downarowicz
David Duncan
Manfred Einsiedler
Bassam Fayad
Matthew Foreman
Nikos Frantzikinakis
Eli Glasner
Jonathan King
Andrey Kochergin
Chao-Hui Lin
Doug Lind
Xavier Mela
Mahesh Nerurkar
Yakov Pesin
Karl Petersen
Charles Radin
Pierre-Paul Romagnoli
Ayse Sahin
Howard Weiss
Huang Wen
Alistar Windsor
Xiandong Ye
Jim Yorke

The missing speakers are

Ethan Akin
Sergey Bezuglyi
Nelson Markley
Ian Putnam