MD-PS 2002 Schedule

Spring 2002 Maryland-Penn State Semiannual Workshop
on Dynamical Systems and Related Topics

Friday March 22

3:00 PM
Department of Mathematics Colloquium
Room 3206, Mathematics
Vitaly Bergelson, Ohio State University
Multiple recurrence and the properties of large sets

7:30 PM
Chez Boyle ( click for directions)
Ergodic Party

Saturday March 23

The Workshop begins. The Sunday student talks are scheduled for 20 minutes and all other talks are scheduled for 35 minutes. On Sunday afternoon, there will be parallel sessions of student talks. All talks will be in Room 3206 of the Mathematics Department unless otherwise indicated. Abstracts are posted on the conference home page, .

9:00-9:35     Vitaly Bergelson, Ohio State University
Towards a non-commutative Hindman's Theorem
9:50-10:25     Yakov Pesin, Pennsylvania State University
Stable ergodicity and Lyapunov exponents

11:00-11:35     Manfred Einsiedler Pennsylvania State University
Invariant measures on SL(n,R)/Gamma
11:50-12:25     Jim Yorke, University of Maryland
Learning about reality from observation

2:00-2:35     Francois Blanchard, IML-CNRS, Marseilles
Cellular automata and the Besicovitch topology on the 2-shift
2:50-3:25     Tomasz Downarowicz, Wroclaw University of Technology and Michigan State University
Sex entropy

3:55-4:30     Joe Auslander, University of Maryland
The proximal relation in topological dynamics
4:45-5:20     Eli Glasner, Tel Aviv University
Universal minimal dynamical systems

Sunday March 24

9:00-9:35     Idris Assani, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
On the convergence of the averages $\frac{1}{N}\sum_{n=1}^Nf(S^nx)g(T^nx)$
9:50-10:25     Karl Petersen, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Bounding the number of measures of maximal entropy

11:00-11:35     Mahesh Nerurkar, Rutgers at Camden
On Characterizing Distal Points
11:50-12:25     Charles Radin, University of Texas, Austin
Using an ergodic theorem of Nevo to control problems of optimal density

2:00-2:35     Andrey Kochergin, Moscow State University
The mixing "almost Lipshitz" reparametrization of a flow on the two-dimensional torus
2:45-3:20     Bassam Fayad, Pennsylvania State University
On the multiplicative cohomological equation
    g(x+\alpha) = g(x) e^{2\pi i \lambda \phi(x)}

(Over the rest of the afternoon there will be four double sessions of student talks, in Room 3206 and Room B0421.)

3:30-3:50, Room 3206
Alistair Windsor [student of Anatole Katok]
Pennsylvania State University
A Weak Mixing Dichotomy for Time Changes of Linear Flows

3:30-3:50, Room B0421
Karen Ball [student of Dan Rudolph]
University of Maryland
Entropy and random walks on random sceneries

3:50-4:15   Break

4:15-4:35, Room 3206
Toke Carlsen [student of Soren Eilers]
University of Copenhagen and University of Maryland
Invariants for substitutional dynamical systems

4:15-4:35, Room B0421
David Duncan [student of Idris Assani]
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
A Wiener-Wintner Double Recurrence Theorem

4:45-5:05, Room 3206
Huang Wen [student of Xiangdong Ye]
University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei
Topological K-system, a third approach

4:45-5:05, Room B0421
Xavier Mela [student of Karl Petersen]
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Measurable and topological properties of some nonstationary adic transformations

5:15-5:35, Room 3206
Nikos Frantzikinakis [student of Yitzhak Katznelson]
Stanford University
The structure of strongly stationary systems

5:15-5:35, Room B0421
Chao-Hui Lin [student of Dan Rudolph]
University of Maryland
Kakutani shift equivalence for uniformly dyadic endomorphisms

Chez Auslander ( click for directions)
Coffee and dessert

Monday March 25

9:00-9:35     Ayse Sahin, DePaul University
Entropy and locally maximal entropy in Z^d subshifts
9:50-10:25     Jonathan King , University of Florida, Gainesville
Equicontinuity, flat stacks and joining-closure

11:00-11:35     Matthew Foreman , University of California, Irvine
The Classification of Ergodic Measure Preserving Systems
11:50-12:25     Howard Weiss, Pennsylvania State University
Does the free energy determine the potential for a lattice gas? ("Can you hear the shape of a cookie cutter?")

2:00-2:35     Leo Butler, Northwestern University
Integrable hamiltonian systems with positive Lebesgue metric entropy
2:45-3:20     Xiangdong Ye, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei
Transitive systems with zero sequence entropy and sequence entropy pairs

3:45-4:20     Pierre-Paul Romagnoli, Universidad de Chile
Measure Theoretical Entropy for Covers and a Local Variational Principle
4:30-5:05     Ethan Akin, City College (CUNY)
Distality Concepts and Ellis Actions

Tuesday March 26

9:00-9:35     Ian Putnam, University of Victoria
Recent progress on topological orbit equivalence
9:50-10:25     Sergey Bezuglyi, University of New South Wales and Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Kharkov, Ukraine
Weak and uniform topologies for Cantor minimal systems

10:55-11:30     Doug Lind, University of Washington, Seattle
Algebraic Z^d-actions of rank one
11:45-12:20     Nelson Markley, Lehigh University
Remote limit points on surfaces