3rd Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences, June 18-20, 1997

Department of Mathematics 
Morgan State University 
Baltimore, MD 21251

Office Telephone Number: Monica Lupton (410-319-3447)

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Electronic Mail Addresses: mmckinne@morgan.edu

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The main goal of this conference is to highlight current work by African-American researchers and students in mathematics. This conference will strengthen the mathematical sciences by encouraging the increased participation of African-American and underrepresented groups, facilitating working relationships between them and helping to cultivate their careers. In addition to the talks there will be a graduate student poster session and a book discussion about the aesthetic nature of mathematics itself. These talks, presentations, and discussions will bring a broader perspective to the critical issues involving minority participation in mathematics.

Number Theory, Lie Algebras, and Combinatorics

Melvin R. Currie (National Security Agency)
Dennis Davenport (University of Miami)
Donald R. King (Northeastern University)
Paul Pert (Howard University)

Mathematical Physics

Tepper L. Gill (Howard University)
Ronald E. Mickens (Clark Atlanta University)
Harry L. Morrison (University of California at Berkeley)

Medical Imaging, Numerical Analysis, and Mathematical Finance

Bernard Mair (University of Florida)
Donald St. Mary (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Bonita V. Saunders (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Steven E. Shreve (Carnegie Mellon University)

There will be an author-led discussion of the "The Art of Mathematics"  by:

Jerry King (Lehigh University).

The keynote banquet speaker will be:

Clarence Stephens (State University of New York at Postdam).

To register for the conference contact:

Monica Lupton (410-319-3447 or mmckinne@morgan.edu).

Conference organizers:

Arthur Grainger (410-319-3964 or agrainge@morgan.edu),
Leon Woodson (410-319-3776 or woodson@jewel.morgan.edu),
and William A. Massey (will@research.bell-labs.com).

This conference is funded by the National Security Agency.

Updated information can be found at the conference website.

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