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AMSC 663.664/ MATH 663.664: Projects of the Academic Year 2013-2014

P1 Efficient Belief Propagation for Computer Vision, Stephen Xi Chen
P2 Solving minimax problems with feasible sequential quadratic programming, Qianli (Shalli) Deng
P3 Memory Efficient Signal Reconstruction from Phaseless Coefficients of a Linear Mapping, Naveed Haghani
P4 An Agent Based Model for Simulating Herd Dynamics, Elizabeth Johnson
P5 OAR Lib: An Open Source, Arc Routing Library, Oliver Lum
P6 Characterization of Nonlinear Neuron Responses, Matthew Whiteway
P7 Analysis of Lagrangian Coherent Structures of the Chesapeake Bay, Stephanie Young
P8 A Latent Source Model for Online Time Series Classification, Zhang Zhang