Math 246 Grading Policies, Fall 2010

Your course grade will be based on the sum of your scores on
your three in-class exams (maximum of 100 points each) 300 points (about 42.857%)
your Final Exam (maximum of 200 points) 200 points (about 28.571%)
your ten best quiz scores (maximum of 10 points each) 100 points (about 14.286%)
your five best Matlab projects (maximum of 20 points each) 100 points (about 14.286%)
The maximum total score possible for the course is 700 points. The point cutoffs for course grades will be no higher than those set forth in the following table:

The course grade of ``I'' will be awarded only if all the following conditions are met:

  1. You have completed all but a small portion of the required work.
  2. You have an average grade of ``C-'' or better on the work completed.
  3. You have a valid reason for not completing the course on time.
  4. You agree to make up the material within a short period of time.
  5. You request the incomplete no later than the day after the final exam.

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