AMSC 699 (Applied Mathematics Seminar) ,   Fall '01

Mathematical Topics in Functional Genomics 
and DNA Microarrays

W 4-5,  Rm  Mth 3206*

* NOTE: the designated room for this seminar in the Schedule of Classes is
Mth 0305, and we will sometimes have to go back there, but until further notice
we will meet in the larger and more comfortable Mth 3206
(the Colloquium Room on the 3rd floor of the Math Building, opposite the
Coffee Lounge) .

This seminar will treat various topics of current statistical and 
mathematical research interest connected with DNA sequences and 
their correspondence with protein structure and function. Depending 
upon student interest, primary emphasis will center on Statistical 
methodology for the analysis and interpretation of an exciting new 
source of voluminous biomedical data, the cDNA Microarray.

For the current version of a fairly extensive annotated reading list on DNA sequences
and Microarrays, click here.

Note to student speakers:

My office hours are Monday 11-12  and 4-5, and Thursday 2-3:15.  I will often
be available except on Tuesdays, but please send an e-mail or arrange with me
in class for an office appointment.

Schedule of Talks -- See Below for Room numbers, which vary !!

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