Selected lectures

  • Miller Lecture 2003
    "High Resolution Methods for Time Dependent Problems with Piecewise Smooth Solutions"
    Iowa State University, Ames, April 25 2003
  • DiPerna Memorial Lecture
    "High resolution, negative norms and the convergence of central schemes"
    UC Berkeley, January 2000
  • The 2nd Int'l Workshop on Nonlinear Kinetic Theories and Mathematical Aspects of Hyperbolic Systems
    San Remo, Italy, September 1994
  • INRIA School on "Methode Numeriques d'Ordre eleve Pour les Ondes en Regime Transitoire"
    INRIA -- Rocquencourt, France, January 1994
  • RWTH Aachen Seminar on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws -- Theory and Numerical Analysis
    Padeborn, Germany, October 1993
  • Plenary lecture, The 1st International Conference On Spectral And High-Order Methods (ICOSAHOM)
    Como, Italy, June 1989
  • The 1st International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics
    Paris, 1987

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