Math 406 Examinations

There will be five ``quizterms" and one final exam. These are the only Major Scheduled Grading Events for this course.
These are scheduled as follows. No calculators, books, or notes may be used during these exams.
All items except pens, pencils, and erasers must be off the desktops.
You are expected to handwrite and sign the University Honor Pledge.

Disabled Student Services (DSS): If you have a disability that might affect your performance on these timed exams, you may contact the DSS office in Shoemaker Building. If they assess that you merit either private conditions and/or extra time then they will give you forms with which you must notify your instructors. This notification must be renewed for each course each semester. Because instructors must be notified of the DSS assessment at least one week before you use their service, you should arrange for it well in advance. Once I have been notifed, you may arrange to take your exams at DSS with the extra time they indicate by giving me a "Test Authorization Form" one week prior to each time you plan to use their service. Your testing time at DSS must overlap the entire in-class exam time.

Study Advice: The best way to study for in-class exams is (in order of importance):

  1. read the relevant chapters from the book,
  2. do the assigned homework,
  3. do more problems from the book,
  4. ask questions in class and office hours.
The best way to study for the Final Exam is (in order of importance):
  1. read the relevant chapters from the book,
  2. study all quizterms,
  3. review the assigned homework,
  4. solve more problems from the book.