The University of Maryland High School Mathematics Competition

Due to the coronavirus crisis the 2020 University of Maryland High School Mathematics Competition is cancelled.

Every autumn, the University of Maryland organizes a High School Mathematics Competition, open to high school students enrolled in Maryland or the District of Columbia. The Competition provides students stimulation, feedback and the opportunity for achievement. The top three scorers each year are awarded a scholarship for full tuition and expenses at the University of Maryland. There are also cash prizes and Edgar Krahn Scholar opportunities, which vary from year to year.

The competition consists of two examinations. Generally, about 2000 students take the Part I examination. Students who score well on the Part I exam are invited to participate in Part II of the Competition (a considerably more challenging exam). The exams require a sound knowledge of high school mathematics up to, but not including, calculus. Both parts require mathematical insight and ingenuity.

The Competition began in 1979 under the leadership of Brit Kirwan, then chair of the Mathematics Department. The first Competition was organized by Professor Gertrude Ehrlich. Over the years, the Competition has been graced by many fine students. For recent years, we have more detailed records: Contestants can also follow links to other competitions and opportunities.

If you have questions or requests, please contact the chair of the competition committee, Dr. Roohollah Ebrahimian. e-mail: math-comp "at"   tel.: (301)405-5470 fax: (301)314-0827