Luke Evans

Department of Mathematics · University of Maryland · Office: Kirwan Hall 2211 · evansal(at)math(dot)umd(dot)edu

Hi! I am a PhD student in the Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computation program at The University of Maryland, College Park. My current research is focused on the application of unsupervised learning methods to stochastic models of physical systems. In past academic projects, I've researched on phase retrieval in Paley-Wiener spaces and complex vector spaces, and on the complex dynamics of Newton's method. My research while interning at the Naval Research Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory involved evolutionary optimization in optics and geometric optimization for spherical particle hydrodynamics. Broadly, my research interests are in numerical methods, optimization, applied harmonic analysis and machine learning.


Colin Olson , Luke Evans , Neal Bayya , Jason Edelberg, A comparison of encoding methods for automated design of optical architectures , Proc. of SPIE, Novel Optical Systems Design and Optimization XXI, 107460J (2018), [proceedings].
Luke Evans, Chun-Kit Lai, Conjugate Phase Retrieval on C^M by real vectors , submitted (2017), [arXiv].

Work Experience

Applied Optics Intern

Naval Research Laboratory
May - August 2018

High Energy Density Physics Intern

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
May - August 2016