Welcoming party, chez Boyle

Party begins at 7:00 pm, Thurs. April 11.
Food and drink provided. Feel free to come later.

Address: 8710 23rd Avenue, Adelphi MD 20783.
Phone: 240-595-1795

Traveling by car.

We are a quick drive from campus or the College Park motels.

Perhaps in "your motel" participants interested and ready could congregate in the lobby around 6:45, to share a cab or someone's car.

Traveling on foot.

It's a bit long to walk from the math department (perhaps an hour) or the College Park motels, apart (mood and weather permitting) from the UMUC Marriott on campus.

HERE is a link to a walking map from the UMUC Marriott (1.6 miles, 32 minutes). Follow the blue dots. Our driveway is opposite 23rd Court; our house is on the right.