Fall 2019: MATH 858P Harmonic Analysis Methods for Random and Low-Rank Matrices

Radu Balan
  • Email: rvbalan at
  • Office: Math building 2308 ; Phone: 301 405 5492
  • Office: CSCAMM (CSIC building) 4131 or MATH (Kirwan Building) 2308; Phone: 301 405 1217/301 405 5492

Lectures: 11:00am-12.15am on Tuesdays, Thursdays, in CSI 4122 (CSCAMM), except during workshops (Sept. 9-12, Oct. 21-25).

Office Hour: by appointment.

Assignments: Homework must be submitted on the date assigned. Homework must be prepared without consulting any other person. You may however consult any written reference. In this case you should cite the reference. Results taken from the reference should be (re)stated to the notation used in the course. Explanation should be given in complete English sentences. Written work must be legible and clear.

Description: MATH 858P is a topics course in applied harmonic analysis and statistics discussing topics such as random matrices, low-rank matrices, sparse representations, model selection, signal processing and machine learning applications.

Grading: 25% Homeworks ; 25% Final Exam ; 50% Project/Report/Presentation

References: List of papers posted on Canvas.