JHU-UMD Complex Geometry Seminar

Departments of Mathematics

Johns Hopkins University & University of Maryland

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Date: Tuesdays at 4:30pm.
Room: Krieger Hall 308 (JHU), Mathematics Building 3206 (UMD).

Organized by: R. Feng, J. Martinez Garcia, V.P. Pingali, Y.A. Rubinstein, B. Shiffman, R. Wentworth, S. Wolpert.

The seminar is a combination of a learning and a research seminar. The first 15 minutes or so of each talk are a "trivial notions" talk defining all basic notions, giving examples and intuition to the subject, and should be accessible to a beginning graduate student. The next 50 minutes are a regular seminar talk.
    Previous years: 2012-2013.

  • September 10, UMD
    Jan Swoboda (Bonn & Stanford)

    The Higgs bundle moduli space and L^2 cohomology
  • I will review some known results and several open questions concerning the L^2 cohomology of various non-compact moduli spaces carrying a hyperkahler metric. Particular attention will be given to the moduli space M of Higgs bundles over a Riemann surface, which arises as the space of solutions of a certain system of nonlinear PDEs, called self-duality equations. Although many aspects of M as a hyperkahler manifold are by now well-established, it is still an open problem to describe the geometry of this non-compact manifold near its ends. In this talk, I shall present some preliminary results in that direction. (Joint work with Rafe Mazzeo, Hartmut Weiss, and Frederik Witt).

  • September 24, JHU
    Tristan Collins (Columbia)

    The boundary of the Kahler cone
  • We will discuss a geometric characterization of classes of positive volume on the boundary of the Kahler cone of a compact Kahler manifold. As an application, we will show that finite time singularities of the Kahler-Ricci flow always form along analytic subvarieties. This work is joint with Valentino Tosatti.

  • October 8, JHU

  • October 22, UMD
    Luca di Cerbo (Duke)

  • November 12, UMD
    Ronan Conlan (McMaster)

  • December 3, JHU
    Jacob Sturm (Rutgers)



Driving directions to JHU. Park in South Garage (see map) on any level (except the reserved spaces). Take a ticket when entering. The Department will provide a visitor parking pass to use when exiting.
Driving and parking directions to UMD. Park in Paint Branch Drive Visitor Lot (highlighted in yellow in the lower right corner of the second map in the previous link), or in Regents Drive Garage (highlighted in the upper right corner). If you arrive after 4pm you do not need to pay: see the instructions in the previous link.