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Fall 2008 Schedule of the Numerical Analysis Seminar

September 9: Modeling and Simulation of Heteroeptixial Growth
Prof. Peter Smereka (University of Michigan)
September 16: New Finite Element Methods for Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations
Dr. Bin Zhang (Penn State University)
September 23: Block Preconditioners for Saddle Point Linear Systems
Prof. Chen Greif (University of British Columbia)
September 30: Tension-activated membrane channels
Prof. Sergei Sukharev (Biology, University of Maryland)
October 7: Embedded-boundary methods for fluid-structure interactions in biological flows Note Room: CSCAMM Seminar Room, CSIC 4122
Elias Balaras (Bioengineering, UMD)
October 21: A new algorithm to simulate the dynamics of a glacier
Prof. Jacques Rappaz (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
October 28: Robust and Fast Multigrid methods for Newtonian and non-Newtonian equations
Prof. Young Ju Lee (Rutgers University)
November 4: Truly multi-D simulations of flows and transport in porus media
Prof. Margot Gerritsen (Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University)
November 11: Time Stepping methods for Stochastic Differential Equations
Prof. Jonathan Goodman (New York University)
November 13: Diffractive behavior of the wave equation in periodic media Aziz Lecture
Prof. Gregoire Allaire (Ecole Polytechnique)
November 14: Topology optimization of structures Aziz Lecture
Prof. Gregoire Allaire (Ecole Polytechnique)
November 18: Numerical solution of the nonlinear Helmholtz equation
Dr. Guy Baruch (Tel Aviv University)
December 2: Local Approximation Error for Generalized FEM for Problems with Piece Wise Constant Coefficients
Prof. Robert Lipton (Louisiana State University)
December 9: AFEM for Geometric Equations and Coupled Fluid-Membrane Interaction
Dr. Sebastian Pauletti (University of Maryland)