How can I apply to Pi Mu Epsilon?

Official Pledge

"I solemnly promise that I will exert my best efforts to promote true scholarship, particularly in mathematics; and that I will support the objectives of the Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Society."

Who can join?

  • Undergraduate students who have completed at least the equivalent of two semesters of calculus and two additional courses in mathematics, at or above the calculus level, all of which lead to the fulfillment of the requirements for a major in the mathematical sciences. In addition, such students must have maintained a grade point average equivalent to that of at least 3.0 on a 4 point scale, both for all courses that lead to fulfillment of requirements for a major in the mathematical sciences, and also for all courses that lead to fulfillment of requirements for an undergraduate degree.
  • Graduate students whose mathematical work is at least equivalent to that required of qualified undergraduates, and who have maintained at least a B average in mathematics during their last school year prior to their election.
  • Members of the faculty in mathematics or related subjects.
  • Any persons who have achieved distinction in a mathematical science.

Why should I join?

  • To meet new people! Since we're all math majors, you can easily find a peer from one of your current courses, meet peers who already took your courses and can help, and engage in tutoring opportunities for those taking courses you've already taken.
  • Every year there is a national convention, with expenses covered by UMD, that provides many opportunities to meet established alumni, get involved in student presentations and awards, and network.
  • Plenty of networking and academic opportunities within campus will be made available
  • Because PME is nationally recognized, noting the society on your resume will establish higher prestige to future employers.
  • Graduation swag! Every graduating member receives a PME pin and cords to put for your graduation gown :)

What is expected of you

  • To maintain a minimum GPA >= 3.0
  • Participate in at least one of each type of event (Social, Professional, Service) for a minimum of three events per year
  • Pay an initiation fee of $10, or $50 if you would like to receive a certificate of membership and cords for graduation
  • Uphold the society's standards as an active member

How to apply for membership

If you love math and believe you belong in PME, we'd love to have you.
Please check back here at the beginning of next semester for details of the application.
Or feel free to send us an email.