George Stantchev

Recent Presentations

High-performance Plasma Turbulence Simulation on the GPU, SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Atlanta, GA; April 2008
High-performance Computation and Visualization of Fluid and Kinetic Plasma Turbulence on Graphics Processors, AstroGPU '07: Workshop on GPGPU Computing in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, NJ; November 2007
Plasma Simulation and Visualization on Graphics Processors: Efficient Parallel Computing on the Desktop, 49th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, Orlando, FL; November 2007
Tabletop Teraflop Computing: Plasma Turbulence on the GPU, 20th International Conference on Numerical Simulations in Plasma (ICNSP), Austin, TX; October 2007
Equation Free Projective Integration for Plasma Systems, 48th Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics, Philadelphia,PA; October 2006
Equation Free Projective Integration, A multiscale modeling technique: 1D scaling results and application to magnetic reconnection, Harry Petchek Symposium on Magnetic Reconnection, University of Maryland, College Park; March, 2006
Wavelet methods in equation-free modeling of 1D ion acoustic waves with particle trapping, TCSC Seminar, National Institute for Fusion Science, Toki, Japan; February 2006
Visualizing Gyrokinetic Turbulence in a Tokamak, 47th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Dynamics, Denver, CO; October 2005
Equation-free Modeling of Ion Acoustic Wave with Particle Trapping, 47th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Dynamics, Denver, CO; October 2005
A Parallel Visualization Framework for Structured AMR Data, 17th International Conference on Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD; May 2005
Dynamics of Mapping Class Group Actions on the Character Varieties of the Once-Punctured Torus, 111th Annual Meeting of the American Mathematical Society, Atlanta, GA, January 2005 (invited)
An Interactive 3D Visualization Toolkit for Multi-processor, Multi-block, Fluid and MHD Data, First Annual Burgers Symposium, University of Maryland, College Park, MD; November 2004
Character Varieties of Non-orientable Surfaces of Euler Characteristic (-1), Knots in Washington XVI - The Sixteenth Conference on Knot Theory and its Ramifications, University of Maryland at College Park, May 2003 (invited)
Islands in the Cubic Ocean: Parametrizing Hyperbolic Structures on Riemann Surfaces with Boundary, Annual GRID Conference, University of Maryland at College Park; April 2002


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