Info Sheet and Syllabus

Lectures, Quizzes, Exams


Spring 2013: MATH 463 Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers

Radu Balan
  • Office hours: Tue. 3:15-4:30 pm in MATH 2308 (or sometimes in CSIC 4131)
  • Email: rvbalan at
  • Office: Math 2308 / CSIC 4131 (CSCAMM)
  • Office phone: 301 405 5942 / 301 405 1217

Lectures: 12:30pm-1:45pm on Tue., Thr., in MATH 0304.

Prerequisites: MATH 241

Required Textbook: "Complex Variables and Applications" by James W. Brown and Ruel V. Churchill, McGraw-Hill 2009 (8th Edition).

Additional References:

  • James W. Brown, "Student's Solutions Manual", 2009, McGraw Hill.

Description: MATH 463 is an introduction to complex analysis. Topics include: The algebra of complex numbers, analytic functions, mapping properties of the elementary functions. Cauchy integral formula. Theory of residues and application to evaluation of integrals. Conformal mapping.

Quizzes and Homeworks: There will be up to 11 short in-class quizzes based on homeworks. They will be given at the beginning of the class period. They will be short. Please be sure to arrive on time! No calculators, books, or notes may be used during quizzes. All items except student ID, pens, pencils, and erasers must be off the desktops. Homeworks will not be collected.

Exams: Two tests will be scheduled during regular classes (1h15min long). First test: Thursday, March 14. Second test: Thursday, April 11.
Review Sessions: Before each test and final exam. First review session: Wednesday, March 13, 3:00pm-4:40pm in MATH 0304. Second review session: Wednesday, April 10, 3:00pm-4:30pm in MATH 0304. Last review session: Tuesday, May 14, 2:00-4:00pm in MATH 0304.


  • 100 points: quizzes
  • 100 points: test 1
  • 100 points: test 2
  • 200 points: final exam

  • Total: 500 points.

    Letter grade cut-offs shall not be higher than 90% (for A-), 80% (for B-), 70% (for C-), 60% (for D-).