My main interest is in Model Theory. More specifically I study the behavior of generic structures and their corresponding theories.

Generic Structures are structures that can be built as the Fraïssé limit of some class of finite structures. Whereas traditional Fraïssé limits are built from classes of finite structures that have amalgamation and joint embedding with respect to substructure, we allow for the notion of substructure to be replaced by a notion of strong substructure. In general this allows us to have better control over the theory of the resulting generic as can be seen in Hrushovski's construction of a new strongly minimal set.
  • Countable models of the theories of Baldwin-Shi hypergraphs and their regular types. (Accepted) (Journal of Symbolic Logic: DOI: 10.1017/jsl.2019.28)
  • The theories of Baldwin-Shi hypergraphs and their atomic models. (Submitted) (preprint available at arxiv)