Papers, Notes, Talks...

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Selected Papers

Unitary representations of real reductive groups (joint with Peter Trapa, Marc van Leeuwen and David Vogan), arXiv:1212:2192
The Contragredient, arXiv:1201.0496
The Real Chevalley Involution, arXiv:1203.1901
Duality for nonlinear simply laced groups (joint with Peter Trapa), Compositio, 2012
Computing Global Characters, Representation theory and mathematical physics, volume 557 of Contemp. Math., (conference in honor of Gregg Zuckerman), 2011
Discrete Series and Characters of the Component Group, from Stabilization of the trace formula}, vol. 1, edited by Laurent Clozel, Michael Harris, et al, 2011
Lifting of Characters for Nonlinear Simply Laced Groups (joint with A. Herb), (Representation Theory 2010)
Algorithms for Representation Theory of Real Groups (joint with F. du Cloux), J. Inst. Math. Jussieu, 2009
Examples of the Atlas of Lie Groups and Representations, proceedings of the Snowbird Conference, Contemp. Math. 472 2008
Unitary Shimura Correspondences for Split Real Groups (joint with D. Barbasch, A. Paul, P. Trapa, and D. Vogan) (Journal of the AMS, 2007)
Nonlinear Covers of Real Groups (IMRN, 2004)

Slides of Talks

The Real Chevalley Involution, Sinapore branching conference, March 2012
The Contragredient, Mumbai conference on L-functions and automorphic forms, January 2012
Computing Global Characters, Cornell 2011
Overview of the Atlas Project, Minnesota 2010
Spherical Unitary Dual for Complex Classical Groups, CMS Conference, Windsor Ontario, December 2009
Computing unipotent representations using the atlas software, Kalamazoo 2008
Overview of the Atlas project, Hahn lectures, Yale, 2007

Selected Notes
These are mostly notes from the Atlas project.

Hermitian forms for Sp(4,R) (joint with Annegret Paul)