Tamás Darvas
Associate Professor, University of Maryland

I am a geometric analyst with a concentration of research on complex differential geometry. All my papers can be found in preprint form on the arXiv. I am also present on Google Scholar.

    Optimal asymptotic of the J functional with respect to the d_1 metric, with E. George and K. Smith, preprint, arXiv:2101.02589

    The closures of test configurations and algebraic singularity types, with M. Xia, preprint, arXiv:2003.04818

    Griffiths extremality, interpolation of norms, and Kähler quantization, with K.-R. Wu, preprint, arXiv:1910.01782

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    The isometries of the space of Kähler metrics, to appear in J. Eur. Math. Soc. arXiv:1902.06124

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